Cohen’s Lawyer: ‘Michael Has Turned, There’s More to Come’


The leak of a taped conversation between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump discussing buying the rights to a story has grabbed headlines, and there’s apparently more to come.

Lanny Davis, Cohen’s lawyer, told Axios that we’ll soon learn more about what his client “saw and heard” during his long stint as Trump’s attorney and fixer. “Michael Cohen has made a turn. This is on the record—Michael and I talked about it,” Davis reportedly said. “I’m not saying there are more tapes as telling as [this] one… but there are more tapes…. There is more to come.” The lawyer went on to say that leaking the tape to CNN was Cohen sending a message to Trump that: “I am no longer the previous Michael Cohen that you knew—taking a bullet for Donald Trump, saying anything to defend him, being a good soldier…. That is over.” Read more at Axios.


  1. On the one hand I don’t blame him.. Look at Manafort… Cohn was raided in a terrible fashion by the FBI and now he is left to hang to dry… Why should he stick up for Trump?

    Did the FBI do any such raids on any Clinton affiliates? Ever?

    Totally lopsided the world.

  2. Uh oh. That’s it. Now they finally got him. Trump is done. He must be cowering in the oval office. He should resign before Adam Schiff throws him out. I’m getting my Sunday suit ready as I welcome Mike Pence as our new commander in chief. Very excited.

    • Are you kidding? The Satanist Left will stick their Devil Hillary to replace him (not that Cohen’s NothingBurger is reason to impeach Trump).

  3. Cohen should be prosecuted for illegally leaking private information to the media and besides, Trump should sue him begadol.

    One thing is certain, this idiot lost his job for good as no sane would trust him as their lawyer.

  4. #2 not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not but if you’re not being sarcastic you will be well mistaken in your prediction.

  5. Poor guy! What should he have done! Trump will not stick out his neck for him as he had for Trump! It’s a shame! I hope no “COHEN THE JEW” stuff surfaces: then we’ll all be on the defensive!

    It just goes to help understand how Torah’dik Yidden just live differently.

  6. Cohen is Jewish. Trump might become cool with Israel and Jews will suffer. Jews are not to be trusted. Trump doesn’t forget.
    I agree who would want cohen as a lawyer.
    But Israel will suffer because of this guy. He could of stayed quite and received a pardon.


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