Cohen: I Won’t Be A ‘Punching Bag’ For Trump Anymore


President Trump’s former longtime attorney Michael Cohen resents the president’s use of him as a “punching bag” and has hit a “reset button” on his relationship with both the president and the media, his attorney said Wednesday.

“He had to hit a reset button,” Lanny Davis, who is representing Cohen as he defends himself from an investigation into possible bank fraud campaign finance violations, told The New York Times.

“He had to say he respected the FBI. He had to say he believed the intelligence agencies that Russia meddled in the election,” he continued. He had to describe the Trump Tower meeting as extremely poor judgment at best. And, ultimately, he said, ‘I’m not going to be a punching bag anymore,’ which he had been when he said, ‘I’ll take a bullet.’”


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  1. He must be the dumbest lawyer in history or he eventually was going to blackmail all his high price clientele. If he had so many high price clientele he should have buried the files on those clientele that no one could have found them. It seems possible because there are lawyers who do this and have the ability to bury info of high functioning people. All the people that used him must have thought he was a competent lawyer rather than the loser he is. His clientele are guilty of one thing poor choice of lawyer.

  2. Hope Trump sued the daylight out of him and got him to court to have him arrested. And hopefully his other clients left him too.

  3. This lowlife lawyer just lost any credibility he might of once had. He reminds me of Bernie Madoff.
    Why are lawyers buried 12 feet under when they die?


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