Coffee Break: Starbucks Closes 8,000 Stores for Anti-Bias Training   

Starbucks will close more than 8,000 stores across the U.S. this afternoon to carry out anti-bias training for its staff. It’s the company’s latest effort to repair the damage caused by the arrests of two black men in a Philadelphia store last month.
Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were asked to leave the store after one was denied access to the bathroom, then they were arrested by police minutes after they sat down to wait for a business meeting to begin. Starbucks has put together an anti-bias program for 175,000 workers, which the company described as a “collaborative and engaging experience for store partners to learn together.” According to a video previewing the training, there will also be recorded remarks from Starbucks executives and the rapper/activist Common. Read more USA TODAY.


  1. Howard Schultz is an evil wicked Jew who proudly supports the most militant homosexual communities! This stupid worthless white guilt apology tour is just a diversion from his perversion. This wicked sinner has spit in G-d’s face with his abomination! All his wealth won’t save him from G-d’s wrath.

  2. so this is the second closing. have any of their employees learned anything? also, how does this affect other businesses that allow only customers to use their bathrooms, which seems sensible to me? the original ‘victims’ displayed more sense in dealing with the event than did starbucks.

  3. Did the African-American employees also have to attend the sensitivity training or was it only for those evil WHITE bigoted racist heterosexual males?


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