Cockroach Closes Down Knesset Cafeteria


knesset-kitchenThe Knesset’s fleishige cafeteria was closed today until further notice after a cockroach found its way onto one of the diner’s plates. The afflicted diner recounted, “All of a sudden, I saw a cockroach on my plate. This is a very disheartening feeling. This has ever happened to me anywhere in the world.”

The notorious meal took place yesterday. “I almost never eat in the Knesset cafeteria,” said the appalled diner. “One of the Shas ministers invited me for lunch, so I came. We all sat there together, Knesset Member Yitzchak Vaknin (Shas), Deputy Finance Minister Yitzchak Cohen (Shas), and some others.”

MK Vaknin also recounted the incident: “I sat with this person who had a cockroach on his plate. He pointed it out to us. I saw the cockroach – it was no longer alive, it was cooked. This is very bad. There is a halachic issue here. This is an issue of insects, vermin, and unclean creatures. I called the kosher supervisors to come and see.”

According to one of the cafeteria’s owners, “Following a debate that arose after the cockroach was found on one of the diner’s plates, the mahgiach decided to revoke the kosher certificate. Therefore, at this stage, the buffets are closed.”

Only the fleishige lunchrooms, however, have been closed, and the milchige cafeteria as of now remains open.

This is not the first time a Knesset cafeteria has been closed following sanitary violations. Two years ago, the buffet was closed when external suppliers delivered food ingredients suspected of being contaminated with the listeria bacteria.

{Yair Israel/Ynet}



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