Coca-Cola Says It’s Raising Soda Prices After Trump Tariffs


Coca-Cola Company on Wednesday said they will raise the price of their signature sodas this year in part because of the financial strain caused by President Trump’s tariffs.

Coca-Cola’s Chief Executive James Quincey told the Wall Street Journal that they are stepping up prices in response to the rising costs of delivery and metal prices after the U.S. slapped $50 billion duties on Chinese products earlier this year.

He declined to give further details about the price change and pointed to multiple factors influencing the change.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Actually Cocoa Cola should be taxed to oblivion then maybe people would not suffer from obesity and hear disease as much

      • the mekor to mamer chazal is the famous badchen “the yourmeter rav from monsey, harav yankel miller” who is a dynamite badchen, who entertained all gedolie yisroel, chassidish & litvish.

    • I know loads of people suffering from obesity and other diseases and never drank cola. You’re stressing stupidity without proof or evidence.

    • Is there 1 food that “is” healthy? Every other day you hear that this and this food causes cancer, diabetes or whatever. Maybe we should start living on stones. We’ll see what the medical journals come up with then.

  2. It’s called taking us consumers for a ride! What the tariffs have to do with Coke is beyond me! Just a cheap תירוץ to raise prices! Maybe they could use Bloomberg’s 16 oz. bubba myssa to help too! We should boycott them for one month, they’ll come running back to us, their customers.

  3. Companies now will find any excuse to raise prices, from hard to get ingredients, glass is expensive now, sugar is expensive now etc. etc. People are getting more money so have to increase price, etc. etc. There is always excuse to raise price why don’t they just say they want to raise prices so the higher ups can get more money. Blame the tariffs now.

  4. tariffs shouldn’t affect our prices let them raise the prices in other countries. do we import coca cola? this is nothing but punishing the american consumer for the hell of it!


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