CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Trump Using Language ‘Propagated By Stalin, Used By Hitler’


CNN host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday denounced President Trump for what he called a “midterm hate campaign” that is predicated on fear and loathing.

He later said that Trump’s message is that “Democrats are evil and that the “media is the enemy of the people.

“Again, that is a phrase propagated by Stalin, used by Hitler. The president says he’s a nationalist. Again, we know where this comes from, and it’s painful, especially to the ears of those who fled and fought the Nazis like the 11 Jewish people massacred this past weekend,” Cuomo added, referring to the mass shooting at a Pittsburg synagogue on Saturday, one of the deadliest attacks against the Jewish community in American history.

“This is who Trump is. This is how he is molding the GOP in his image, and that party seems to be sitting by scared or joining in. This is a far cry from where the party ever was.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Curious to know if you ever examine a liberal languageThis is why They r known as fake news who promote hate buy cry when it is supposedly done by republicans

  2. I wonder if they think about the power of “their words” to incite violence and whether they would accept responsibility for any violence against the right(rhetorical question)

  3. President Trump unquestionably has many personal flaws.
    But when so many Trump-hating journalists abandon all semblance of objectivity and reporting, choosing instead to present a mathematical equation of “Trump = Hitler * Stalin ^ (Bin Laden + Pol Pot)” well, we can decide for ourselves who the hysterical lunatics are.

  4. What Cuomo is doing is extremely dangerous. He is throwing out code words to incite and rile up the crazies on the left. His goal is to get one of his sides angry men to go out and harm President Trump or his supporters.

  5. Generation of the child who was warmer than his rich trash is gold.

    Fun to know what fits the American day. Full heck and pull down thankless warnings.

    There jest mention. The graded good pay of the media show case dig.

    Populist fume control service.

  6. Is this guy a lunatic? The democrats are bending over backwards to support every liberal position there is and if you dont agree you are labeled a racist, a homophobe, white supremist and are run out of town and this is guy is only concerned about Trump. This is why we call CNN fake news.


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