CNN Sues President Trump For Barring Acosta


CNN is filing a lawsuit against President Trump and several of his aides, seeking the immediate restoration of chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s access to the White House.

The lawsuit is a response to the White House’s suspension of Acosta’s press pass, known as a Secret Service “hard pass,” last week. The suit alleges that Acosta and CNN’s First and Fifth Amendment rights are being violated by the ban.

The suit is being filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning, a CNN spokeswoman confirmed. The are six defendants: Trump, chief of staff John Kelly, press secretary Sarah Sanders, deputy chief of staff for communications Bill Shine, Secret Service director Joseph Clancy, and the Secret Service officer who took Acosta’s hard pass away last Wednesday.

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  1. Hmmm, why won’t they name the secret service officer who took away the hard pass. The corrupt Mike Rogers wouldn’t give it to them? Chris Wray is on vacation? Cory Booker suddenly lost his tongue? If you can’t name who you are suing, how can you collect?


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