CNN Poll: Trump Holds 11-Point Lead Over Cruz in Iowa


Donald Trump holds an 11-point lead over Ted Cruz, his nearest competitor, in the Iowa Republican presidential caucus, the latest CNN/ORC Poll showed Thursday.

The results of the poll, conducted Jan. 15-20:

-Donald Trump, 37 percent
-Ted Cruz, 26 percent
-Marco Rubio, 14 percent
-Ben Carson, 6 percent
-Jeb Bush, 3 percent
-Mike Huckabee, 3 percent
-Rand Paul, 2 percent
-Chris Christie, 1 percent
-Carly Fiorina, 1 percent
-John Kasich, 1 percent
-Rick Santorum, 1 percent

Trump’s lead over Cruz has fallen 2 points from the 13-point lead in the Nov. 28-Dec. 6 CNN/ORC Poll. Trump’s support has grown by 4 points, while Cruz’s support has jumped 6 points.

The latest poll shows 49 percent of respondents said they had “definitely decided” on a candidate, compared to 26 percent in the last survey.

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