CNN Continues Horrendous Reporting of Israel-Hamas Conflict


cnnThe recent conflict between Israel and Hamas came to a head Wednesday when the IDF confirmed it had killed Ahmed Jabari, commander of Hamas’s military wing, al-Qassam Brigades. On the Israeli side no tears were shed. This was a man who had terrorized Israeli citizens for at least the last decade. More rockets were fired indiscriminately from Gaza in response, and Israel went on the offensive, attacking terrorist targets from air and sea. Yet, if you looked at the below tweet from CNN International, you would be hard pressed to conclude that a complex series of events had led to the current state of affairs.

It is so one-sided, it is so poorly framed, that one would be tempted to excuse CNN; perhaps the 140 character limit had simply been met. But on further review they had only used 50 of their allotted 140 characters. Plenty of room still to balance the story. Or perhaps somewhere on their twitter feed they had made mention of the fact that four more rockets had landed in southern Israel just this morning? Nope, no mention of it. Or that 50 had been fired into Israel Wednesday night alone. Nope, no mention of it. What they did mention was a slideshow of photos depicting Gaza residents only 2 hours after the aforementioned tweet:

By the way, this slideshow made it into the lead story on, a lead story that conveniently buried half way down the page the fact that the Iron Dome defense system had intercepted 17 rockets already today and that at least 130 rockets had been fired indiscriminately into Israel since Saturday. Oh, and it simply ignored the 50 rockets lobbed at Israel today.

The French writer Emile Zola wrote a famous letter, J’accuse, in 1898 in which he accused the French Government of unlawfully jailing the Jewish Army General Staff officer Alfred Dreyfuss for espionage. Though eventually exonerated, at the time there were at least a few questions as to Dreyfuss’s guilt. What to say, then, when the evidence is so blatantly obvious?


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  1. I have seen plenty of news stories on all the channels on this evil experience. On the other hand, the American Response has been light. Let America send a war ship to the area or do some more actionable action to show that this is intolerable. Blame our nations.

  2. The Obama voters either don’t think there is a bias or they are ok with the bias. Judging from their crazy views on the recent election, I think they believe the end justifies the means. I conclude, therefore, that Jewish Obama supporters are ok with biased coverage of the conflict as bias in the mainstream media doesn’t offend their sensibilities. It does offends mine.

  3. Gee, what a surprise; the goyim don’t treat us as though we were just another “nation.” Hmmm. Check me if I’m mistaken but I think there’s something in the Torah about us NOT being just another nation and that HaShem will never allow it to be. Must be my misunderstanding.

    Note: please read the above with a HEAVY dose of sarcasm. Will we ever learn?

  4. cnn has always been like this. just watching the american election campaigns in the cnn, is enough to make one wish that tv did not exist. however, atleast we know who are definitely not our friends. if only they would read the chofetz chaim’s writings.!! i know its hard for jews to think there are gentiles who sincerely love israel and pray for the time of the mosiach, the one and only jewish mosiach. and these gentiles are called noahides, myself being one of them. G-d bless israel.


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