Clueless Chuck Schumer: Betsy DeVos Would ‘Decimate’ Public Schools


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced today that he will vote against Betsy DeVos’s confirmation as secretary of education.

Schumer said DeVos “would single-handedly decimate our public education system if she were confirmed.” He added, “Her plan to privatize education would deprive students from a good public education, while helping students from wealthy families get another leg up. It would deprive teachers of a decent salary, and it would make it harder for parents to get a good education for their kids.” The Republican and Michigan billionaire floundered during her hearing. She is dedicated to funneling money into school choice efforts. “I will vote no, and I will do it proudly,” Schumer said. Read more at the HUFFINGTON POST.



  1. Schumer doesn’t care about America’s youth. If our schools are failing us, what’s wrong with trying alternative solutions? What kind of schools did HIS children go to?

  2. I get that as Frum Yidden we want to have govt money to fund private schools, because we don’t send to public school. But he is right. SHE is absolutely clueless about the public school system, and has no background in education at all. Did you hear the answers she gave to the questions they asked her? Why are you labeling HIM clueless?

    • “SHE is absolutely clueless about the public school system”

      So is every democrat clueless, except that they are clueless to their cluelessness and destructive results.

  3. Big talk but we all know you’re only voting against her because the public school teachers union are Democratic party voters , not for any good education for the county’s youth.

  4. Senator Schumer receives a lot of support from the UFT. He is beholden to them.
    What is wrong with giving parents of all children the choice of where they get their education. I am sure he chose where his children went to school. If it was a public school, it was probably Stuyvesant

  5. We all know that competition makes the product better.
    What are they worried about?
    Because then there will be factual comparisons to prove that the public school system stinks – and costs fortunes per kid.
    Alternatives will do a better job for cheaper.
    No wonder Schumer idiot is against it. He is beholden to the UFT and a Democrat.


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