CLUELESS BILL: De Blasio: Don’t Ask Me What’s Going On in City Hall


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is so keen on avoiding a legal grilling over a civil-rights case against the city that he’s claiming he doesn’t “micro-manage” his subordinates — and is largely ignorant of how their decisions get made, the NY Post reports.

“As Mayor, I set broad goals and objectives, and with the oversight of my Deputy Mayors, the agencies undertake to reach such goals through their own internal policies, procedures and tools,” de Blasio said in a sworn court filing.

“While I am sometimes briefed on specific decisions being made by an agency, I typically do not have unique knowledge on the subject and base my approval (or disagreement) of the agency’s decision upon the information provided to me. “Additionally, I do not micro-manage the Deputy Mayors or City agency Commissioners.”



  1. So what does the Mayor do all day? Busy suing President Trump? Helping illegals get comfortable in Sanctuary City NYC? Fighting Charter Schools? Arguing with the Governor? I’m happy that Dante has numerous bathrooms in Gracie Mansion he can use, but come on. $258,750.00 yearly salary for being a trouble maker rabble rouser?!

  2. Four postings before this one discusses how Mayor DeBlasio defended the Orthodox Jewish educational system, and admonished people who have issues to treat us with respect because we are responsive and cooperative with the governmental authorities.

    And now Matzav has decided that he deserves the title: “Clueless”

    Whose clueless here about the responsibilities they carry as a public forum of the Frum Community?


    • He is a Sasha, an atheist who opposed helping yeshivas, he scored points with you but he tells liberals mamesh fakert


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