Closing The Border With Mexico Could Bring The Auto Industry To A Halt, Experts Say

Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo is expanding its partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV by adding tens of thousands of minivans to its fleet of self-driving cars. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Daniel Acker

President Donald Trump’s threat to close the Mexican border could have a potentially devastating effect on the U.S. economy — and there are few places where that would be felt more immediately than in the American auto industry.

Roughly 37 percent of the imported parts used on U.S.-made vehicles are imported from Mexico, including critical pieces like the wiring harnesses used on 70 percent of all vehicles assembled in the States. Disrupting that flow could idle many of the more than 1 million employees at U.S. auto assembly and parts plants.

“It would be a major disruption” if a border shutdown were to last more than a couple of days, said David Cole, director-emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research.

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  1. If the border closes Mexico looses much more then the bad as it is for the USA its still much worse for Mexico.
    Mexico can’t exist without export. A closed border will quickly bring them crawling on their knees begging trump and they’ll even agree to pay for the wall

  2. Shutting down drug trafficking and human trafficking is 100% more important than the auto industry. President Trump can make a deal with other countries to get the auto-parts.

  3. The argument made to dissuade closing the border gives convincing reason to do so. The more painful it is, the faster it will work. In general I assume that whatever I read from major networks about “cause and effect” that the opposite is true.

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