Closing Statements Presented at Trial of Rabbi Osher Eisemann


At the trial today of Rabbi Osher Eisemann, founder of the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI), Middlesex County Judge Benjamin Bucca reviewed with the attorneys what charges would be presented to the jury.

After that, the jury – fourteen jurors, five men and nine women – entered the courtroom and closing statements at the courthouse in East Brunswick, NJ, were delivered.

Closing statements took all day, with the defense presenting for three hours.

The jury will deliberate starting tomorrow.

The trial followed an indictment on trumped-up charges, and Rabbi Eisemann is facing up to 10-20 in prison if convicted.

All are asked to daven for Osher ben Chana Frumet.




    Horav Pam Ztkl used to say that when one sees the beginning of the yeshoua he/she should be careful not to relax their tfillos c’v. It is a eis ratzon and tfillos should be increased. We the Charedi tzibur owe Rabbi Eisenman shlita to be nosah b’ol and continue davening.

    We all know and believe lo sgoro mipnei ish!

    Hopefully we will see the yeshoua’s olamim soon bs’d


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