Clinton Won’t Testify ‘Due To Schedule’


hillaryHouse investigators asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to testify next week about the September 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, but she declined citing a scheduling conflict.

“[Clinton] was asked to appear at House Foreign Affairs next week, and we have written back to the Chairman to say that she’ll be on travel next week,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters yesterday. “She has a commitment with the Secretary of Defense to the AUSMIN Ministerial.” Per AFP, “AUSMIN is the highest level forum for Australia and US consultation on foreign policy, defense and strategic issues.” The United States is reportedly concerned about Australia’s plan to cut their defense spending.

Clinton has not been asked to testify at any of the other hearings next week, Nuland said.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., has been frustrated with the State Department’s failure to provide information that she has requested.

“While I understand that investigations by the FBI and the State Department’s own Accountability Review Board are ongoing, it is imperative that this Committee, having direct oversight responsibility, be kept informed every step of the way of developments in the matter,” Ros-Lehtinen wrote to Clinton on November 7th. “[P]lease be prepared to present State Department officials to testify on these issues when Congress reconvenes later this month.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. You see? The Democrats are experts at this! Avoid avoid avoid! Withhold withhold withhold! Cover up cover up cover up! The Media wil help & assist them at every turn! First the General, now Hillary! Who’s next? Obama & Eric Witholder should already be in prison for the covering up of the Murder of Mr. Terry! You see the Democrats always circle the wagons for one of their own! Going back to the Clinton impeachment days. Now, this is for murder! On the other hand, the small, weakling, afraid of their own shadow, Republicans are a bunch of fat overweight LOSERS! When a upstanding candidate like Todd Akin makes a mistake in words only, he is villified & attacked & thrown under the bus, by his own Party! The Republicans lost & will continue to lose because they are in essence L O S E R S! People like to vote for friends, not back stabbers! Dole=Loser, McCain=Loser, Romney=Loser! I’ve had it! Good bye!

  2. I’m confused, didn’t she already accept responsibility? Why is she given a choice to testify or not? Why hasn’t she been arrested or at least investigated?

  3. #6:
    She tried to take responsibility but it didn’t work. She is sitting on documents that, if released before the election, would have done Obama in for sure.

    Bill Clinton tried to convince her to release them in order to clear her name but she was afraid of being seen as a traitor to the Democratic Party (and, perhaps as a result, ruining any chances she might have of running for Pres in 2016).


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