Clinton Endorses Palestinian-Friendly Congressman vs. Jewish House Dem


clintonFormer President Bill Clinton has endorsed Bill Pascrell in the NJ9 Democratic Primary versus Jewish Congressman Steve Rothman. Both were pushed into the same district due to redistricting. Pascrell was one of 50-plus Congressmen to sign a pro-Palestinian letter to President Obama afew years ago.

Before people want to name Pascrell as Anti-Jewish, it is worth noting that he signed a letter to AG Eric Holder on behalf Sholom Rubashkin well before Rothman did: Pascrell, as we reported back in March, was letter number twelve (and the first NJ Dem to write) while the Jewish Rothman was – two months later – number 32 out of fifty-plus lawmakers who wrote to Holder asking a review of the arrest and prosecution of Agriprocessors’ former boss.

The Republican in this race is Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

{Gestetner Updates/ Newscenter}


  1. This should be a lesson in policy of this administration if it gets re-elected.

    It will turn its back on Israel and befriend all palestenian and arab needs.

    The administration is just laying low as it gets financial support and what it hopes is the votes from the jewish community.Howevver after what they hope will be a re-election, they will have NO Favorable policy on the domestic or foreign issues for our liking.


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