Clinton: Congress Should ‘Stop Some Of Our Nutty Immigration Policies’


clintonFormer President Bill Clinton said Congress and the Obama administration should “stop some of our nutty immigration policies” to “accelerate” the American economy.

“I do not agree with those who say that our country is in permanent decline, it’s still a highly entrepreneurial place, once the easiest places to start a small business. We still have these hot beds of innovation,” Clinton said in a Thursday speech at the Export-Import Bank Conference inWashington, D.C.

Clinton cited Silicon Valley, San Diego and Massachusetts as areas where technological innovation is thriving.

“Our work force is younger than Europe’s, it’s younger than Japan’s, within 20 years, unless they change both their one-child policy and their immigration policy, we will be a younger work force than China,” he said.

“We can accelerate [the economy] if we’d stop some of our nutty immigration policies and let people who can create jobs for others come into this country – that’s worth something,” Clinton said.

“For some of us who no longer have it, we know youth is worth something,” the former president added as the audience laughed.

In his remarks, Clinton did not elaborate on what specific immigration policies he would like to see changed.

{The Daily Caller/ Newscenter}


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