Clinton Advises Pompeo To Stop ‘Purge’ At State Dept.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday she recently urged Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s pick to lead the State Department, to retain senior career officials to handle global crises should he be confirmed.

Clinton, who served as secretary of State from 2009-2013 under former President Obama, said during an event in Michigan that she warned Pompeo against a “purge” of experienced administration officials when he called her recently.

“I told him that I thought he should take a hard look at retaining career diplomats who could advise him. Because you never know what might happen. You never know where the next hot spot or crisis will happen,” Clinton said.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. A lot of good “career diplomats” did for the machasheifah when she was Secretary of State..

    Do the planet a favor, and stop “advising” the Administration you LOST to.


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