Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Names First Frum Councilman


jason-steinOn June 6, 2011, Jason Stein became Cleveland Heights’ first Orthodox Jewish city council member after being named to replace departing council member Mark Tumeo, who is relocating to Florida. Stein will serve through December 31, 2011. This marks a new chapter in the city’s thriving Jewish history, which began when Jews began moving to the area in the 1920s.

Q: You plan to run for office in November in order to retain the seat you’ve been appointed to. Why do you think it is important for the Jewish community to be represented in city government?

A: It is important to have our community represented in Cleveland Heights city government for the same reasons that Lakewood and New York need and have representation. Our community has specific needs and concerns that can be best spoken for by having Orthodox representation. The frum community in Cleveland Heights has seen a lot of growth over the last 10 years and my seat on city council is a natural result of this growing population.

Q: In your campaigning, you have spoken about your commitment to raise your family of K”IYH five boys in Cleveland Heights. What makes Cleveland Heights a great place to raise a frum Jewish family?

A: Cleveland Heights is an ideal city for a frum family. We have three excellent Orthodox day schools to choose from, the famed Telshe-Yeshiva close by, numerous shuls and kollels, fleishig and milchig restaurants, a well maintained eruv, g’machs, thriving bikur cholim and chessed organizations, beautiful parks and affordable homes. We have all the infrastructure of much larger Orthodox communities. But, Cleveland Heights has that small community feel that is warm and welcoming.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish for the Orthodox Jewish community during your term in office?

A: I hope to work with our schools, shuls, businesses and community leaders to prepare a strategic plan to accommodate and assist the growth of the Orthodox community in Cleveland Heights. This plan will encompass the streamlining of zoning and variances for expanding homes, attracting businesses that will create jobs, expand or relocate schools to accommodate the growth of the student population and encourage more community members to vote in local elections and to take a more active role in city boards and commissions.

{Noam Newscenter}



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