Claim: This Man Saved Ten Times More Jews Than Schindler


Bolivian journalist Veronica Ormachea Gutierrez claims that Bolivian tin mining baron Moritz Hochschild saved 10,000 Jews from death during World War II, ten more than the number saved by famous German industrialist Oskar Schindler.

Born in Germany in 1881, the “Bolivian Schindler” initially wanted to save 30,000 Jews.

In 1940, he wrote that he had managed to save between 9,000 to 10,000 Jews with the support of Bolivia’s military leader German Busch, a descendant of German immigrants. He helped them get visas and gave them jobs, housing, schools and other aid once they reached safety.

By the 1940s, Bolivia had 15,000 Jews, almost all of them refugees from Nazi Europe.



    Keep on stressing the important essence of Shindler’s rescue, and the rescue of
    Moritz Hochschild.

    Forget that they BOTH saved many maany Jews. Both are Chasidei Umos Ha’ Olam….

    But, what is important is
    THAT HE SAVED “”MORE”””” Jews.

    we as a nation can never say:”both get credit for saving Jews”

    WE always need a put down of YENEM…

    Whether in Israel: The frum put down the frier
    The Yeshivis put down the Chasidm
    The Chasidm put down the yeshivish
    The Agudist put down the Mizrachi…
    I wear a shtreimel… I am much better than you….
    My rebbe has 10,000 chasidim.
    Your rebbe only has 5000 chasidm

    Alawys “:” You are not up to “””MY”””””” standards….. ALWAYS.

    The Chofetz Chaim should of written 1,000 More seforim about gosip, loshon horo, rechilos, etc….

    Keep on looking at the next Jew negetivly… put down

    • What in the world are you talking about? Whether we’re talking about Raoul Wallenberg, Oskar Schindler, Chiune-Sempo Sugihara, or any of the chasidei umos ha’olam we are eternally grateful for what they did and never, ever “putting down” anyone for not having the very highest number of rescued/saved would-be victims.

    • I do not think anyone is diminishing Oskar Schindler who by the way was not Jewish. Did Hochschild save ten times more? He obviously had the opportunity, plus he cared for his own people. Kol Ha Kavod to both, and to everyone else who saved even a single Jewish person, or indeed, a single human being.

  2. Moritz Hochschild saved my grandparents from death by providing them with visas as farmers (when my Opa was actually a lawyer in Vienna…). This I finally found out about a year ago. Yehey zichroy boruch


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