Video: City of Elad in Turmoil As Mekubalim Attempt to Remove Dybbuk from Woman


elad dybbuk[Video below.] Residents of the city of Elad were shocked to hear news that a woman visiting their town was possessed by a dybbuk. The woman, a resident of Cholon,  traveled to Elad for a tefillah ceremony to have the dybbuk removed from her.

A dybbuk is a malicious possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. It is believed to leave the host body once it has accomplished its goal, sometimes after being helped.

Several weeks ago, the woman turned to several rabbonim and explained that she felt that a spirit had entered her. One of the mekubalim present said that the spirit had entered through the woman’s mouth.

On the advice of an avreich, the woman and her husband went to meet with a respected rov in Elad in order to remove the dybbuk with tefillos and incantations.

Yesterday, the woman and her husband went to the Yabia Omer shul in Elad for Shacharis, after which a special tefillah gathering, with the blowing of shofar, was arranged.

One of the people in attendance said that as the woman sat during the ceremony, she began to emit the sounds of a man. “The rov spoke to the man and figured out whose spirit it was. It seems that 70 years ago, he killed someone, and he was now seeking forgiveness.”

The attendee added, “The woman knows the identity of the deceased person and found his grave.”

The rov and the members of the minyan tried for a long time to get rid of the dybbuk. “They tried to send the spirit out through the toe, and suddenly the toe swelled up. One could see how the spirit rose to the throat and the entire body swelled, like a balloon moving through the body.”


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad.

    The shofar is very important to dispell indwelling spirit.

    But a dybbuk is not a mystery. G-d might have assigned one to improve the previous soul’s indifference to tomorrow.

    If that was true, however, I think from my Torah insight that the dybbuk enters the neshama from the eye. It does not go through a mouth because the mouth is not a conduit to the blessing of Torah.

    Therefore, if this story is really true, I might think she was psychiatricly ill. This is concerning. The whole purpose of a dybbuk is not devil against man but rather Torah improved in the era of a missed experience.

    Torah has a dybbuk that gets in the mood and world of the godly from time to creative time. It does not leave through the eye or the mouth. It leaves through the ear. G-d always knows that the dybbuk is a malevolent but sometimes peaceful indweller. It is honorable if it was selected through heaven and one should not see that it is there to cause grief and unusual regulation.

    Just favoring the way of G-d is smart. He probably knew you would have the “exorcism” and the dybbuk will not be effected.

    To remove an evil decree, one needs charity, fasting and prayer. This may have been an evil decree. The shofar blasts will be scary to the soul. But the dybbuk can be simple. It might just sing along.

    So be careful fellow jews. If we are in an era of dybbuks, Hashem has the future indeed in control. But you might be eating for three. G-d, you and dybbuk too.

    G-d is funny.

    This story made my mood smile. I love that G-d might have thought this was perfect public interest.

    Be careful what goes in your mouth. It might tear your world apart.

    Baruch Hashem.

    Do not name your dybbuk. It was not your mother.


  2. Dear Matzav – How do you think this woman would feel if she knew people all over are watching a video of her like that. This is appalling that Torah Yidden would not have this sensitivity. Please remove this video!!

  3. #2 Of course it’s appropriate for a Torah website. Even Torah Jews have to be reminded that the world is not hefker – yesh din veyesh dayan, even after many years. Enjoying life cannot come on account of sins and immorality. The punishment is severe. In this case, 70 years have passed since the dybbuk died and he still has no rest. The dybbuk was anxious to get into Gehenom. Such stories that show what happens to sinners and what’s in store for them, takes the appetite away from one to sin.

  4. A few yrs ago a woman who carried on that she has a dybuk in her admitted later it was a hoax I hope they check this out before they make this turmoil

  5. it is well known that the chofetz chaim banished the last dybbluk, he said there be no more till moshiach! Also the last time their was a “dybbuk” Harav Elyashiv said that that person “needs a good doctor”. It was subsequintly found that the person was mentally ill.

  6. If they videoed the part where the “dibuk” randomly popped out of her toe as it says above “They tried to send the spirit out through the toe, and suddenly the toe swelled up. One could see how the spirit rose to the throat and the entire body swelled, like a balloon moving through the body.” (the most important part of this ordeal) then i would say its believable………

  7. Rav Shmuel Boruch Genuth of Elad has issued strong statements of condemnation regarding the attempts to remove a dybbuk from a woman who resides in Cholon, as first reported here on


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