City Council Candidate John Heyer Speaks Out on Child Care Vouchers in Boro Park Today


john-heyer-smallWhile visiting Boro Park today, John Heyer, candidate for City Council in the 39th District, spoke out against City Hall’s proposal to cut 3000 child care vouchers from the Administration for Child Services budget.

Heyer said: “Child care vouchers help families in need and they are essential to the well-being of this community. In tough economic times, we need more focus – not less – on vital programs such as these.”

Heyer went on to say: “Eliminating these ACS vouchers could cause a catastrophic domino effect, throwing at-risk families into chaos and desperation. These vouchers allow parents to stay employed and get children into constructive educational environments. I condemn these proposed cuts in the strongest possible terms.”

john-heyerHeyer spoke after a tour of Boro Park’s 14th Avenue shops, where he met with local business owners and listened to the concerns of community members. He also volunteered at Masbia, a Kosher Soup Kitchen that serves the community.

“Masbia is a wonderful example of a non-profit organization stepping in to help out when times get tough,” said Heyer. “We should be following their lead in helping out our neighbors in these difficult times. And the number of families and children who rely on Masbia is yet more proof of the necessity of the voucher program now threatened by City Hall.”
{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. There 5 candidates running on the Seat Brad Lander, John Heyer, Gary reilly, Josh Skaller, and Bob I don’t remember his last name

  2. John Heyer is the most caring, honest candidate who has served the district in so many ways since the age of 14 as a volunteer intern for State Assembly women Joan Millman. He grew up in the community and is dedicated to serving it!


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