City Closes Four More Yeshivas, Fines Three Parents, As Judge Upholds City’s Mandatory Vaccination Rule


The New York City Department of Health closed four yeshivas and issued summonses to three Brooklyn parents whose children were exposed to measles but still not vaccinated as of an April 12 deadline imposed in certain Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant zip codes, officials said Thursday.

United Talmudical Academy of Williamsburg-Yeshiva Torah V’Yirah, UTA Beth Rachel School for Girls, United Talmudical Academy, UTA Beth Rachel School for Girls were all forced to close for not fully complying with orders to provide immunization records regularly so as to assure unvaccinated children were being excluded from classes, according to city health officials.

The parents could face an $1,000 fine if the summons is upheld, or $2,000 if they don’t show up to court.Read more at The Gothamist.




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