Citizens Union Endorses David Storobin in 48th City Council District


storobin-2Citizens Union has announced its endorsements of David Storobin for City Council in the 48th District. In supporting the candidacy of Mr. Storobin, Citizen Union continued in its tradition of backing candidates who demonstrated a strong grasp of reform issues that is complimented by their policy knowledge and experience.

“New York City faces a watershed election year and Citizens Union believes our endorsed candidates can best serve the City as we enter a new era of governance,” said Dick Dadey, Executive Director of Citizens Union. “Our evaluation process sought candidates committed to honest, effective and accountable government and capable of serving their constituents as well as the needs of the city as a whole. We feel these qualities are well represented in each of our endorsed candidates.”

Citizens Union is supporting Republican David Storobin in Brooklyn district 48 due to his support for reform and policy knowledge in several areas, particularly regarding the intersections of city, state and federal law.

In accepting the endorsement, Mr. Storobin said, “I am thankful to the great volunteers at Citizens Union for giving of their time to meet and discuss the issues that are important to our city. I am humbled to receive their support, and I hope to work with them in the years to come in bringing true reform to city government”.

Citizens Union’s detailed narratives regarding its support for all candidates during the 2013 General Election are available in their Online Voters Directory. All candidate questionnaires are also available on Citizens Union’s website.

Since 1910, Citizens Union has evaluated candidates for office in New York and chosen to support those it believes will advance good government and political reform and act in the public interest. Endorsements are made by the Citizens Union Board, upon the recommendations of Citizens Union’s Local Candidates Committee consisting of over 50 members who divide into borough teams to interview and evaluate candidates.

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