Citi Field: A Kiddush Hashem in the Eyes of Law Enforcement


internet-kinnus Misaskim received much praise at the conclusion of the asifa at Citi Field this past Sunday. The acclaim originated from individuals within the law-enforcement community who worked hand-in-hand with Misaskim for months prior to the event.

One security official expressed his admiration to Misaskim regarding the politeness and respectful attitude of the audience. He remarked that despite the fact that most of the participants don’t normally visit a ballpark, “they navigated very skillfully and found their seats with no trouble at all.”

Citi Field maintains a diverse workforce, including an Event Planning Staff. They did a superb job throughout the planning stages. Most of these individuals have had little or no previous exposure to the Orthodox community.

“Everyone came away with a very positive impression,” said one staff member.

Members of the more than 28 agencies and departments involved in planning and executing the event echoed similar praise. They were astounded by the respectful and dignified behavior displayed by the attendees. The orderliness was a true kiddush Hashem. The police department created an inner circle on the field that was declared a non-trespassing zone. Not one person attempted to cross the line. Members of the FBI also remarked on the absolute quiet and derech eretz that was evident while rabbonim spoke.

Moving more than 42,000 people in and out of the arena was no small feat. NYPD Chief of Departments Joseph Esposito assigned hundreds of officers to coordinate an orderly flow. They worked in conjunction with Traffic Control, Highway Control, Intelligence, Crowd Control, Aviation and several other agencies. The authorities also had to arrange parking for thousands of cars and, according to an official count, 698 busses. Boruch Hashem, the entire operation went smoothly, without any significant incidents.

Misaskim expressed its gratitude, appreciation and admiration to all the officials working behind the scenes to ensure security at the asifa. It was evident that the tireless efforts of Assistant Chief Diane Pizzuti of Patrol Borough Queens North and Captain Tom Conforti, Commanding Officer of Citi Field, were very effective. Mike Rodriguez of the USTA (United States Tennis Association) and Vice President of Security at Citi Field Rob Kasden also went out of their way to ensure that every detail was addressed.

Kasden offered special accommodation for elderly rabbonim in the most respectful manner. He created a frozen zone so that they were able to easily and quickly enter and exit the arena, and he also reserved facilities specifically for them.

Toward the end of the asifa, Chief Diana Pizzuti of Patrol Borough Queens North, who oversaw the security coordination, was so touched by the self-discipline and cooperation of the attendees that she walked into the arena at the time of Maariv to personally witness the crowd singing and davening in unison.

It is apparent that all agencies involved in organizing the asifa are pleased with the outcome.  Misaskim will now draw on its asifa experience to help plan another gathering – one that promises to be twice as large. The Siyum Hashas will, iy”H, take place in August, and Misaskim is already gearing up to assist Agudas Yisroel of America in planning this monumental and memorable event.

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  1. What a beautiful article. I literally have tears in my eyes. Just goes to show what a responsibility we yidden have. This had to have brought a tremendous nachas ruach to H-shem Yisborach and isn’t that our tafkid in this world? This has to make every yid dance from simcha when reading this article.

  2. If only for the kiddush Hashem…gathering so many yidden together with no incident whatsoever, was worth it all…..
    Show me a stadium filled with other people at any event….and I will show you…………you know what…no contest!!!!
    Mi Keamcha Yisroel…
    And for all you naysayers: you missed an opportunity just to be amongst a crowd of so many yidden and feeling the vibration….of a different kind!


  4. Logistically it was a flawless event. The program was a bit too long, and many of the speakers spoke over-time (there was no R’ Moshe Sherer to pass “times up” notes. Can’t wait for the SIyum Hashas whic promises to have more than double the amount of people in one location. Kudos to Misaskim for a job well done!

  5. “Misaskim will now draw on its asifa experience to help plan another gathering – one that promises to be twice as large”


  6. why are we patting ourself on the back? We should have a lot higher expectations of ourselves than just being better than your average attendee in a stadium.

  7. Thank you Matzav for sharing this with us!

    On the same topic I was very impressed by the police and other agencies how they did a great job and were also very helpful and nice.

    Mi K’amcha Yisroel!

  8. It was amazing to see how mnay people passed the workers and police and offered warm thanks. Reb Baruch Ber made an announcement after he fiunished Maariv at teh tennis center asking each person to place his refuse n the appropriate containers so the cleaning crew can go home early. aside from a few mischievousness of some teens, the place was left almost spotless and the workers stood by in absolute awe! Jaw to the floor! Chazak Veematz!

  9. Of course, the main Kiddush HaShem was the topic of the Asifa: the strong exhortations against the bad stuff on the Internet. As it was noted in the Asifa announcements and mentioned at the Asifa itself, many people in the outside world are also quite irritated and abhorred of what is online and recognize the ruination it causes.


    A few years ago, I took a few courses at the local junior college in my area. Many times, I did a lot of my homework in the school’s computer room with their machines. At least one of those times that I was there, I noticed that above the front desk area is a large sign. It stated (of course, I do not remember the exact wording, but this is pretty close to it):

    “The computers are to be used only for your college work. If you use them to look at (filth material), your privilege to use the computer lab will be terminated.”


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