Church of England Approves Prince Harry’s Potential Wedding With Actress of ‘Jewish Background’ Meghan Markle


The Church of England has ruled that Prince Harry can marry his American actress girlfriend Meghan Markle at London’s historic Westminster Abbey, despite her being both a divorcee and having a “Jewish background,” the UK’s Express newspaper reported on Sunday.

A Westminster Abbey spokesman said: “The Abbey follows the General Synod Ruling of 2002. Since then it has been possible for divorced people to be married in the Church of England.”

The spokesman also confirmed that Meghan’s ethnic background would not prevent her from having an “interfaith” marriage there.

The Daily Mail reported that “well-placed sources say the relationship is extremely serious, and that Meghan’s invitation to Pippa Middleton’s wedding is the ultimate endorsement, painting her as a potential princess.”

The 35-year-old Markle — whose mother is African American and whose father is Dutch-Irish — has described herself as “half black and half white.”

While the Express reported that her father is Jewish and that she once gave an interview in which she described herself as “a Jew,” The Algemeiner was unable to find evidence to support that claim. Markle did, however, once tell Allure magazine that she might have been seen as “Sephardic” for casting purposes.

She was previously married to producer Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013 and the couple performed traditional Jewish celebrations at their wedding in Jamaica.

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  1. Nebach on all accounts that her father could do such a thing that she thinks of her self is Jewish that the church has such a level of Jew hatred that this should be required to get permission for and that news people think it’s a story were so desperate to publicize something that if it isn’t any news They will make something into news

  2. “The 35-year-old Markle — whose mother is African American and whose father is Dutch-Irish”

    Not likely she is hallachically Jewish, so the Prince -and we – have nothing to worry about.

  3. A) She is not jewish
    B) Why are we now interested with the brits we have our own jewish royals to be busy with

  4. Questions:

    How is her mother African American if she’s British?
    Don’t you mean black ?

    So the Church of England may have an issue with the Prince marrying a non Jew, but don’t take issue with another Prince commiting adultery?

    Finally I think Meghan Markle was confused with Lea Michelle (who is Jewish). They look alike.

    Glad to see Matzav being the online voice of Torah Jewry.!

  5. בן ארבעים שנה: עשו היה נמשל לחזיר, שנאמר (תהלים פ יד) יכרסמנה חזיר מיער, החזיר הזה כשהוא שוכב פושט טלפיו לומר ראו שאני טהור, כך אלו [אלופי עשו] גוזלים וחומסים ומראים עצמם כשרים. כל ארבעים שנה היה עשו צד נשים מתחת בעליהן ומענה אותם, כשהיה בן ארבעים אמר אבא בן ארבעים שנה נשא אשה, אף אני כן:

  6. Matzav has stepped in it big time. Why must they report these things as if it’s halacha limoshe misinai?


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