Chupah on a Friday – Visa Delay Causes Erev Shabbos Wedding


airplaneBrooklyn, NY – A wedding that was scheduled to be held in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on Thursday night was postponed after the chosson was denied entry into the United States. The wedding of Rafi (Rafael) Cohen of S. Paulo, Brazil and Sarah Procaccia of Crown Heights was meant to take place Thursday night at the Razag Ballroom.

On the way to the wedding, the chosson landed at Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW), but the U.S. Customs and Border Protection noted that he did not have proper visa documentation and placed him on a flight back to his native country, Brazil.

The family immediately took action and contacted two key people to assist with issuing an urgent visa. In addition, they contacted Mrs. Devorah Benjamin, the wedding planner known for her KSCVK organization.

“I was in middle of a wedding when I got the call on Wednesday,” she told “The family was going to update the guests about the change and I needed to reschedule the whole event.”

After an effort by a number of individuals, the chosson boarded a plane from Sao Paulo at 10:20pm and traveled back to the U.S. The wedding was held today, with the chuppa at 11:45am.

Benjamin said told the family not to worry about the arrangements. “I’ve been doing this for 22 years,” she says. “It took me about 45 minutes to reschedule the wedding. Everyone was on board.”

Willing to cooperate were: Moshe Shmukler of the Razag Ballroom, musician Fitche Benshimon, photographer Meir Pliskin, Mimulo flower shop, Claudia and Ziva with the make-up, hair stylist Iris Sherman and Union car service for transportation.

“The wedding will be the same – just 18 hours later,” says Benjamin. “Everybody was accommodating. Let me tell you, we have a wonderful community. The chesed that is done in this community is quite a lot.”


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  1. In the olden days, a wedding on Friday was the norm. That’s why many old Kesubos start at the top: “Yom Hashishi”. See Shulchan Aruch, Even Ho’ezer, 64:3.

  2. I just LOVE these guys (like #1) who are always SO wise ….. AFTER the event!!
    The mazel-dikke sha’ah was not to be until Erev Shabbos – thus the Heavenly intervention to cause the delay.
    Sheizkoo Livnos Bayis Ne’eam BeYisroel!!


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