Chuck Schumer Warns Of 3-D Printed ‘Ghost Guns’


Sen. Chuck Schumer is warning the public to watch out for 3-D printed guns — that people will be able to legally download starting on August 1.

Gun rights activists reached a settlement with the US State Department and Department of Justice last week that allows them to post detailed instructions, including plans, files and 3-D drawings of the weapons.

“This online site shows you, how at your home, with a simple 3D printer, you can make a plastic AR-15, an AR-10, a very dangerous semi-automatic assault-style weapons out of plastic in your own basement,” Schumer said at a Sunday press conference.

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  1. I agree with him. What’s going to happen when these idiots print it out and then go outside and point it at a police officer? There is going to be a lot of unnecessary killings.

  2. Those are plastic guns that are three times the size of regular guns, and are in danger of the plastic barrel exploding into a shooter’s face. Not exactly a criminal’s first choice, especially if you consider the ease of illegally obtaining a regular gun in certain hoods of the “gun free” NYC. As usual, Chuck is misrepresenting and manipulating.

  3. Whatever you do or don’t think of Senator Schumer, he’s absolutely correct that a difficult-to-detect gun that can be created by anyone possessing a 3D printer – even an inferior short-lasting gun – is a great danger in the wrong hands.

  4. Shummer the looser needs a rocking chair with his harem: Prozac pelozi, Hilary I shit my pants clinton, Whoopi dipshitberg, wa wa Comey, fagbamma, pedifile bill bubba Clinton, Kamala, I’m a looser, Harris , Diane Frankenstein , fieinstien, maxine, I stole James brown’s, wig waters and all the dumbass Democrats…..what people need to Know and question, why is it ok for those degenerates to own firearms but not regular honest citizens. The day they confiscated guns is the day they’ll take your home.. etc. Wake the fuck up America. Politicians and their illegal agendas are and will destroy our country if they are not stopped. Vote them out!!! God bless our country…

  5. Anonymous…Any gun in the wrong hands is dangerous…da. guns aren’t the problem… people are…the politicians want to confiscate guns in order for them to take complete rule over us. People wake up…they are delibertly pitting people against each other by starting rumors, lies, and issues so we, citizens, will turn on each other. The fake news has been bought off by the billionaires to push their agedas on the countries citizens. The liberals are killing America with their way of life….they are a bunch of haters and when they don’t get their way they cause civil unrest…. we’re in a civil war … it’s just getting started. We the people rule not the politicians. The citizens have become reliant upon the government for everything…. that’s why people like Bernie Sanders , dumbama, killary, and others are trying to dismantle this country with socialism. The libs, Hollywood morons, antifa, dumbasses lives matter need to go live in places like Russia, North Korea, and countries in South America where socialism rules the roost. Ask the citizens there how they like it… especially when they have to stand in lines to get food…. socialism and liberalism does not work. All the supposed free stuff…what a joke. Who is going to pay for it….you will by being taxed up the coulo. The liberal agenda has destroyed our school system, our medical system, and justice system. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! Vote the libs out of the government. Do it before it’s really too late if it’s not done people in this country will regret it…

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