Chuck Schumer on Impeaching Trump: ‘The Sooner the Better’


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N. Y.) told a Brooklyn crowd Monday he wanted to impeach President Donald Trump, and “the sooner, the better.”

Flanked by security and staff holding signs saying “MEET SENATOR CHUCK SCHUMER,” Schumer stopped to speak via megaphone with several people off-camera. In a video of the interaction released Monday, Schumer was asked about impeachment and expressed support for the idea:

MAN (off camera): “When y’all gonna impeach Trump?”

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: “Sooner the better.”

MAN: “‘Sooner the better?’ That’s not answering the question.”

SCHUMER: “Gotta get a few Republicans [inaudible].

WOMAN (off camera): “We’re trying. We’re voting.”

SCHUMER: “We’re Democrats. We’re on your side.”

WOMAN: “So am I.”

Schumer had been notably quiet on the question of impeachment prior to his unscripted remarks; when asked just last month about prospective reprisal were Trump to pardon former Trump associates Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort, Schumer demurred.

“I’ve said what I’m gonna say,” he said.

Schumer made the comment at the West Indian Carnival, a Labor Day parade held in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, New York, that regularly draws thousands of participants and millions of attendees. Read more at FREE BEACON.


  1. The Democratic party, the Satanic party, that is out to destroy America should be impeached and thrown out of the country. Let them join the Venezuelan or whomever they want. Schumer and Hillary can lead them out “the sooner the better”.

  2. President Trump should be impeached for making Mueller search for 2 years to find the Russian Ghost in vain, wasting millions of dollars from taxpayer’s money.

  3. Impeach the President, based on what crime? I don’t understand how these Democrat Senators speak at the intelligence level of a 3 year old. They just speak stupidity. We have laws and regulations. Just because you don’t like someone, it doesn’t mean you impeach them. I don’t like my boss so I’m going to go into his office this afternoon and impeach him. Yes, that makes a lot of sense.

  4. The Dems have called for the impeachment of every Republican president since Reagan. They’re a bunch of sore losers and a disgrace to America.

  5. Schumer is a complete Idiot! Even his staff members are idiots. Anthony Weiner was Schumer’s Chief of Staff when Schumer was a Member of the House! You have to remember who the players are to know who the idiots are.

  6. this november coming up don,t vote for chuck schumer impeach him and all of the democrats they are actually behind the mob attacks thats going on and also there behind paying all of them protesters that you see on cnn there the ones and democrats are the ones thats not being civil this november vote all of the democrats out of the senate i mean fire all democrats and schumer to as well and send them to mexico or china let them run that country


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