Chuck Schumer Holds Press Conference To Warn People To Check For Ticks


schumerThere is a growing threat to the health of people in parts of the metropolitan area, tick-borne illnesses.

The threat is so severe that Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) is calling on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to address the threat.

Schumer is even warning people to check for ticks – after visiting city parks.

When you think of ticks you may think you only have to worry about them out in the country but it turns out deer ticks have also been found in various parts of New York City

“The number of cases of Lyme disease in New York City and Long Island has gone up five times over last several years,” said Schumer.

Ticks carry Lyme disease but they also carry more dangerous illnesses like one called Powassan virus and Schumer says New Yorkers need to be aware of it.

“The Powassun virus is more serious than Lyme because 1/3 of those who get it succumb, its fatal,” Schumer said.

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