Christie: Vaccines Are Parents’ Choice



New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stressed that parents should have a “choice” when it comes to vaccinating their children. The likely Republican presidential candidate said parents “need to have some measure of choice” and that “not every vaccine is created equal, and not every disease type is as great a public-health threat as others.”

Christie said all of his four children have been vaccinated. When running for governor in 2009, Christie wrote that he stood with families dealing with autism who wanted parental controls on vaccination decisions.

Later today, a spokesman said Christie believes there is no question kids should be vaccinated for measles, but called for “balance in which ones government should mandate.”

President Obama has called on parents to vaccinate their children and said the medical support for doing so was “pretty indisputable.” In 2008 though, Obama said “some people are suspicious that [autism] is connected to the vaccines. This person included.” Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Uh huh, just like every other issue. If we force parents to do this, when will it stop?

    It starts with You must buy health insurance
    and you must buckle your own seat-belt. then it turns to you must vaccinate your child & soon its You must send to public school/ a school that gives a certain curriculum. & its illegal to have a filter on your internet because children have rights too.

    Its about time we let parents do what they were created to do. Judge what’s good for their own child.

  2. I definitely agree with Christie. While i think vaccinations are important, I think certain kids shouldn’t be vaccinated as it can do more harm than good. Each parent should be able to make that decision on their own. Parents know their children best and if there’s a good reason they are opting not to, it should be their decision. The heads of the schools are not the ones dealing with the kids when they have a reaction after the shot. It’s the parents!

  3. How refreshing it is to hear a politician talking ‘against the tide’! It’s a world if sheker sprinkled with just a very few honest individuals.

  4. It should definitely be an individual choice. Many of the vaccines are controversial, and many are deemed risky &/or danderous by many outside the group of conventional medical practitioners.

  5. No, parents should not be given a choice regarding vaccines because its a public health issue. To me its akin to saying parents should have the right to allow their toddlers to play with loaded guns in spite of the fact that errant shots may kill others. If one wants to engage in risky or foolhardy personal behavior thats his or her choice regardless of my opinion but foolhardy behavior that has a possibility of harming others requires govt intervention

  6. Christie and the first four commenters would stand back and allow deadly diseases to go unchecked. Christie is particularly hypocritical because he wanted to quarantine asymptomatic health care workers for Ebola even though Ebola is much less easily transmitted than measles.

  7. George Washington instituted mandatory innoculation programs for smallpox during the American Revolution. That played a major role in protecting the Continental Army (and the general population) from the disease, and played a major role in the American victory. It is highly likely that had Chris Christie been in charge, we’d all still be singing “God Save the Queen”.

  8. It may be an “individual choice” for the parent who decides not to vaccinate their child. It is not an individual choice for the parent whose young child is dead or brain-damaged from measles because some parent of a child in the area decided to be anti-vaccine.

    True, a very small number of children cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons DIAGNOSED BY A MEDICAL DOCTOR, or being too young. But that is a medical decision, not a lifestyle choice.

    Furthermore, for full protection the child must get a second shot around age four. If the child doesn’t get that second shot they are still at risk for getting the disease and passing it on to other people.

    Measles still kills tens of thousands of children in Third World countries where vaccination is not common for monetary reasons.

    Do you want to be responsible for the death of someone else’s child? Have we forgotten “kol Yisroel areivim zeh l’zeh?”

  9. If we allow the govt to continue mandating vaccines, it won’t stop at vaccines: metzitza bpeh is one issue that comes to mind. The govt has the same argument they are using to force vaccines- it’s a public health issue. I ask all of you who are for vaccine mandates: what are you gonna do when an AIDS vaccine comes out and is mandated? Will you also say it’s a public health issue? Well I have news for you. Hepetitis B is transmitted from person to person the same way AIDS is, as is the HPV virus we are told to vaccinate for. If we don’t stand up now and insist on parental choice, the consequences will be far reaching…


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