Christie: If Giants Win, Parade Should Be In New Jersey


christie2New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie opened yesterday morning’s “Today” show by reigniting the long-standing border war between the Garden State and New York over the city’s two football teams that play across the Hudson.

Asked where a parade should be held if the Giants win the NFL championship again, the combative Christie didn’t hesitate to vote for New Jersey.

“They play in New Jersey. They train in New Jersey,” he said.

When host Matt Lauer responded with “What’s it say on their helmets,” referring to the “NY” logo, Christie said, “That’s about it.”

The Giants have played in New Jersey since 1976, when Giants Stadium opened. MetLife Stadium replaced it in 2010.

After the Giants won Super Bowl XLII in 2008, a parade was held in New York’s Canyon of Heroes with a separate rally held at Giants Stadium.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. Of course he’s right they play here they pay taxes to NJ. They should really switch there name to NJ GIANTS as well. When the Dodgers moved to LA they didn’t Keep the name NY Dodgers.


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