Christie: I Wouldn’t Even Take in 3-Year-Old Orphan Refugees


christieDuring an interview with conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Chris Christie joined the chorus of governors saying that they would not accept Syrian refugees into their states.

Because he does not trust President Obama’s vetting ability, Christie said he wouldn’t even allow “three-year-old orphans” into his state.

New Jersey ranks in the top 10 for Syrian refugee admissions in 2015. Read more at Twitter.



  1. If the country is incapable of defending itself against a 3-yr-old who grows up in the west, I would like to know why we have to pay so many taxes for public school (supposed to teach “tolerance”), for police (supposed to arrest criminals) for intelligence service (not that intelligent) and for border control (supposed to make sure no teenage terrorist enters with the passport of their 3-yr-old little brother).


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