Christie: GOP Picks Bad Candidates


chris-christieDoes Chris Christie have a certain someone in mind to fix the GOP?

The Republican says the problem is with candidates, not the party itself.

“There are some people running around the country right now saying that our party has a problem with its brand, that we’re not relating to folks,” the New Jersey Governor said during a speech at a private event in Vermont this week. “It’s not our party’s problem, it’s our candidates’ problem.”

Video footage of the event – which did not allow media access – was obtained by New Jersey’s local WPTZ NewsChannel 5.

“There’s no stronghold that any party has over any state that outstanding candidates that are willing to work hard and open their hearts to the public can’t get looser,” Christie said. “But it matters who you nominate, and it matters then how hard you work for that person once you give them the honor of being your nominee.” Read more at

{Andy Newscenter}


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