Christie Becomes First NJ Governor In Decades To Avoid Breaking Leg


Chris Christie (R), whose term as New Jersey governor officially ended on Tuesday, became the state’s first elected governor in decades to go his entire time in office without breaking a leg.

Columbus noted that Christie’s predecessor, John Corzine, broke his leg and other bones in a car accident in 2007.

Before that, Jim McGreevey broke his leg in 2002 after he stepped off a berm while walking on the beach.

Finally, Christie Todd Whitman broke her leg in 1999 in a skiing accident in Switzerland. Read more at The Hill.



  1. It’d be awfully hard for Christie to break a leg given that it’s so well padded.

    Buh-bye, Chris. Don’t burn any bridges on your way out.

  2. The reason is clear:
    Christie’s legs have to support tremendous weight. The bones and muscles in his legs are wildly stronger than the average man who isn’t morbidly obese
    I’m sure he broke quite a few chair legs.
    Leg bones – solid;
    Political career – broken into a million pieces.
    Quite an accomplishment!


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