Christie: “If I Was In The Senate Right Now, I’d Kill Myself”


chris-christieNJ Gov. Chris Christie blames Republicans and Democrats for the government shutdown, saying “it’s irresponsible of both sides to have allowed this to get where it’s gotten.”

Asked during an editorial board meeting with The Philadelphia Inquirer what he would do if he were in the Senate right now, his immediate response was this: “If I was in the Senate right now, I’d kill myself.”

“This is why I’ve never had any interest in being in a legislative body,” he said. (It should be noted: In the 1990s Christie was a county freeholder, which is a legislator.)

He sees the situation in Washington as a failure in leadership, and a failure to achieve compromise.

“The president saw this train coming for a long time. All of a sudden today’s the first day he has anyone over to the White House? Same thing with the Speaker, same thing with the majority. They saw this train coming for a long time and did nothing to stop it.”

Christie visited the Senate Wednesday and met with a group of Republicans, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, the minority leader from Kentucky, and Sen. Jeff Chiesa, the Christie appointee who will serve until the New Jersey Senate election next week.

After he left the meeting, Christie had told reporters he was just there to visit his friend Chiesa. “I’m just down here today to have a visit with the senator and he’s introduced me to some of the new friends he’s made over the last four-and-a-half months, and that’s all today is about,” Christie said.

Today, he said what really went down when he met with the senators. “What I said to any of them that I met with: Get the government reopened, stop monkeying around, and get back to work. I said, I’m out there in the field, people have no patience for this stuff. None.”

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  1. Might as well do it now……….As far as your chances of winning the GOP nomination for President goes……You’re dead in the water!


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