Chris Christie Pushes Cory Booker to Oppose Iran Deal


CHRISTIE[Video below.] Gov. Chris Christie stood before an audience on Tuesday as “the leader of our state,” the golden seal of New Jersey adorning the lectern before him, and excoriated President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, accusing the president of lying to the American people and putting the entire world in danger, the New York Times reports.

“Not only is this a bad agreement, but we have the president of the United States directly lying to the American people to try to force this through a reluctant and a concerned Congress,” Mr. Christie said at a news conference at the Chabad House at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

Mr. Christie has made his position on the Iran deal a key component of his presidential campaign, and on Tuesday, the Times reports, he reiterated many of the critiques that have peppered his stump speech for the past month, as he has sought to stake his claim as the Republican candidate with the best relationship with Israel and the most hawkish stance toward Iran.

The event was held under the guise of persuading “the congressional delegation of New Jersey” to oppose the Iran deal, but Mr. Christie and Mr. Boteach had one particular lawmaker in mind: Senator Cory Booker. The senator’s name was repeatedly mentioned by Mr. Christie and Mr. Boteach, who spoke along with Senator Robert Menendez, who has already come out against the deal. They even evoked memories of Hurricane Sandy as a time when the New Jersey congressional delegation “stood together” regardless of party.


{ Newscenter}


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