Cholov Yisroel Dairy Coming to Select Starbucks in NYC Metro Area


Select Starbucks locations in New York and New Jersey have been selected to test out Cholov Yisroel milk at their locations, reports Yeah That’s Kosher.

The Cholov Yisrael milk being used is Pride of the Farm Milk, certified by the Star K. Milk that is cholov stam will not be offered at any of these 10 locations.

The stores themselves, reports Yeah That’s Kosher, will still not be certified kosher. Locations include 4 in Brooklyn, 2 in the 5 Towns, and 4 in the Deal/Lakewood region of New Jersey.



  1. Without a hashgacha, even if they use milk that was cholov Yisroel in the closed bottle, I am not sure that it qualifies as cholov Yisroel once the bottle is open. People should consult with their Rov.

  2. I don’t understand how this would work. A number of years ago, a news stand / bodega in my neighborhood in Brooklyn had an open container of Chalav Yisroel milk near the coffee. My Rav, a well-known Posek in Brooklyn at the time said it was not to be considered Cholov Yisrael as it had no shmirah. If Starbucks employees pours the milk into the plastic milk jugs, is this still Chalav Yisroel?

  3. I am not understanding.

    According the the cRc Chicago report, most drinks have real kashrus issues at most Starbucks locations, even regular and iced coffee.

    What significance is there using Cholov Yisroel milk in a non-kosher drink?

    Either they are making a hug mistake, or they are misleading the public.

  4. So they’re going to be serving treif, and washing the brew baskets in hot water with the tarfus, but the milk will be cholov yisroel. Hmm.

  5. I hope we are all reading EVERYTHING posted here. Please be careful and realize Starbucks stores do NOT have a Hechsher and therefore are NOT kosher. All that is being done is that in some stores they are offering an option of Cholov Yisroel milk. The Kashrus status of the stores and what they sell is unchanged. Please be aware and be careful.

  6. the ou doesn’t recommend buying anything in a starbucks where they have food because they wash the coffee urn with the chazir dishes

  7. How can any sane Frum person ever purchase anything from Starbucks?! They are fighting with HKB”H! Please go to and see for yourself.

    • Worry man. The world of Starbucks is worse than the caret that you must waiver for the bad day at the jeweler.

      Work life for many nice people keeping you safe in your community is blessed to have starbucks coffee to keep them active and safe in their days. They might even be your doctor or the policeman who might keep you out of a bad situation.

      Before you curse a very fine chain of important American needed commodity, think how G-d designs the universe and then wonder if your idea that G-d is being “Fought by Starbucks” is really that realistic.

      There are many children getting care in your hospital to live a longer life because of the Starbucks coffee that kept many safe in their work while giving the children care so that they can grow up to take care of you some day. It is absolutely asinine to make a ridiculous statement and you might want to have more Fear of Heaven before you think that a political association between “wars against G-d” and your hate of a coffee chain becomes your public policy. I can laugh and daven against the Wicked. I hope you are not included.

      Best wishes and enjoy the coffee.


    Once the Milk is opened it loses the status of Cholov Yisroel. You can call the OU to verify.
    The reason is that since cholov yisroel is more expensive. there would be an incentive for the non-Jew to pour cholov stam into the cholov yisroel bottle. As a result once it is opened and a Jew is not watching it is inherently cholov stam. The only way this can work is if they have small packets similar to dairy creamer that each customer opens separately. But the Pride of the Farm does not produce these.

  9. You obviously don’t have any Yiras Shomayim. You brush off toaiva as if it’s nothing. You obviously haven’t learnt parshas Noach with all the perushim. That’s a shame. Enjoy your coffee as you slide down the pit into emptiness.


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