Cholent Saves Diaspora Yeshiva from Arab Attack


chulentOn Friday night, 15 Arabs rioters from the Silwan/Shiloach broke in and attacked Yerushalayim’s Diaspora Yeshiva on Har Tzion. 

The Arabs attacked the Yeshiva students inside with stones and blocks.

Fearing the Arabs were armed with guns, the students initially ran away for safety, but they then returned to defend the yeshiva and themselves from the Arab terrorists.

The students began to fight back, throwing chairs at the rioting Arabs, boiling water, and eventually even throwing the cholent at the rioting Arab infiltrators.

After the cholent was thrown, the Arabs ran away.

Police arrived a half hour after the attack was over.

The Jewish Press

{ Newscenter}


  1. The Shayla now is did touching the Arabs make the cholent pots treif or not? In my opinion since the Arabs are a ” dover muos” its “nosen taam lefgam” and the cholent pots are still kosher.

  2. Lich’oirah, if it was poured from a kli rishon there could be a problem of Irui kli rishon, which may be a d’oraissah. However if they used a bowl, it would have been ok. Now, what happens if they’d use a ladle?
    Would Pikuach nefesh allow them to take the cholent from the fire, or since they could accomplish the same thing without Bishul there’s no Heter.
    L’maaseh, anyway it’s a milachah she’eino tzrichuh l’gufo, and it’s derech kilkul, so it could be we would be matir it anyway.


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