Chol Hamoed Sukkos with Pirchei at Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park


sahara-samsPirchei of Monsey is joining up with Sahara Sam’s Oasis this Chol Hamoed Sukkos  for a special arrangement to benefit the greater frum community. Sahara Sam’s Oasis is the first indoor water park of its kind in the region. It is completely freestanding and has a retractable roof to allow for an

outdoor experience when the weather is nice. There are three large  slides, one of which uses rafts that can accommodate up to four people at a time. The lazy river, at 420 feet, is one of the longest at any indoor water park in the northeast.

One of the highlights of the park is the flowrider, a surfing simulator. There is also a huge play area for kids featuring numerous smaller slides and a 1,000 gallon water dumping bucket. A separate play area is reserved for the smallest children ensuring that all can have a safe and fun time.

Pirchei has rented out the entire facility for Tuesday, October 6, 2009, the second day of Chol Hamoed Sukkos. Admission will be limited to approximately 50% of full capacity in order to ensure that everyone who attends will have a great time. There will be two sessions for girls only (10:30AM-1PM and 1PM-3:30PM) and two sessions for boys only (4PM-6:30PM and 6:30PM-9PM). Advanced reservations are required since space is limited and this event is expected to sell out.

The facility is completely indoors and will have male lifeguards only during the boys hours and female lifeguards only during the girls hours. All windows will be blocked off so that there are no tznius issues. There is a completely separate game room that will be available for boys only during the girls water park hours and for girls only during the boys water park hours.

Sahara Sam’s Oasis is conveniently located off exit 4 on the NJ Turnpike. It is only a half hour from Philadelphia, one hour from Lakewood, 1.5 hour from Brooklyn and 2 hours from Monsey and Baltimore.

Pirchei teamed up with Sam Girlye, the owner and builder of Sahara Sam’s Oasis, to make this experience available to all at an affordable price. Single tickets for a 2 ½ hour session will be only $15. Pirchei or Bnos Agudas Israel members and their families receive $1 off their admission. For those who want to make this a group or large family outing, there is a group rate of only $12.50 per person for groups of more than 25.

This is a great opportunity for families to get together in a wholesome atmosphere without having to worry about the weather or the crowds. Parents are encouraged to get in the water with their children and not to be mere spectators. It is a guaranteed good time for the entire family from ages 2 to 102.

For more information regarding this event you can call 917-828-2602 or email [email protected] .

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  1. this is such a great idea. we are meeting all our cousins here and having our chol hamoed get together at the waterpark. since we live in Baltimore, Monsey and Lakewood none of us have to shlep for more than 2 hours.


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