Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Galvanizes Thousands for Rubashkin Today, 2-4 PM


pidyon-rubashkinThe clock is ticking. Time is running out, precious time for us, each and every member of Klal Yisroel, to accrue merits on behalf of Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

This afternoon, between 1:30 and 4:00 Eastern Standard Time, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri will be hearing the appeal and rendering a life-altering decision in the trial of Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

In a rare show of unity, six former attorney generals from both Republican and Democratic Parties as well as seventeen former prosecutors and high-ranking Justice Department officials have strongly criticized the government for the unusually harsh sentence meted out to Reb Sholom Mordechai. Similarly, 46 United States Congressman from across the board have penned letters to Attorney General Eric Holder decrying the travesty of justice perpetrated in the original trial.

Yes, unity among bipartisan government officials may be rare, but Klal Yisroel is predicated on the concept of k’ish echad b’lev echad – being unified as “one man with one heart.” As a merit for a favorable verdict for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation is initiating a nationwide program of shmiras haloshon. They are asking every single member of Klal Yisroel to accept upon themselves to be extra careful with shmiras haloshon for two hours today – Wednesday, June 15, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Reb Sholom Mordechai: “Thousands of Machsom Li’fis, The Ultimate Segulah!”

The Chofetz Chaim in his seforim repeatedly teaches us that shmiras haloshon triggers shmira – Divine protection, and loshon hara is so toxic because it triggers prosecution in Shomayim. Shmiras Haloshon is such a powerful segulah because it triggers protection from Shomayim. How appropriate then that 11,000 high school students from all across the United States and Canada, 11,000 high school members of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s Mishmeres Program, are joining together to spearhead this program of shmiras haloshon in Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s merit. How appropriate that all the countless callers to the Chazak line and recipients of their e-mails will be encouraged to devote extra care for two hours on Wednesday as a merit for a positive verdict

The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation urges every man woman and child to accept an extra kabala of shemiras halashon especially during the actual appeal scheduled to take place at 2:30. In addition, the Chazak line, which can be reached at 718-258-2008, will be hosting a Tehillimteleconference to coincide with the time of the appeal.

There are countless stories of people reaping tremendous yeshuos after accepting upon themselves a machsom li’fi. It is the tefillah of all Klal Yisroel that in the merit of a nationwide machsom li’fi, Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin should be issued a favorable verdict.

The clock is ticking… but we can still help.

Holy Sites to be Visited

In a further unprecedented show of achdus there will be various minyonim davening at various mekoimos hakedoishim throughout New York.

Minyonim will be at the kivrai Tzadikim pleading for an immediate yeshua for Sholom Mordechai halevi ben Rivka from 2:00 to 4:00pm on Wednesday. Such an effort has never taken place before and is sure to break through shaarei shomaiyim.

In addition many schools will be uniting by all saying 10 kapitlach tehillim.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Whoever sees this news item above should say Tehilim for him. Hashem y’rachem alav; praying that by this time next year he is home with his mishpacha!


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