Chinuch Or Bad Parenting? Father Forces Daughter To Walk 5 Miles To School After She Was Kicked Off The Bus



  1. i think this is what all parents should learn from. there is no room for bullying!!!! if she can ruin someone elses life she can walk to school. every parent should watch this and do the same. HATE THEM BULLIES!!!!!

    • And how right you are! We should get that video from her when she will do it! And we should arrange a big group of folks to clap along!

  2. Now his daughter will be able to tell her future kids when they complain about life how she walked 5 miles to school in freezing weather just like our parents did!!!

  3. If this is not some typical fake prestaged set-up home video (which I believe it is), it borders on serious parental abuse. Was she made to walk the 5 miles without being able to take a break and rest or use a bathroom? Why did the Father make her walk with the backpack the whole time? With no shoulder on either side of the road, her walking in the direction of traffic is extremely dangerous. When riding a bike you drive with traffic. When walking, you always walk AGAINST traffic. The Father is an ignorant idiot looking for his 15 minutes of fame.
    Why was there no vehicle that passed by in either direction during this entire video? Why wasn’t the daughter protesting like any normal kid would? This seems to be a fake story where the self righteous talker is trying to be sanctimonious.

  4. its not appropriate. 5 miles is a verrry long trip in cold weather and even in sunny weather. I know he is following her to protect her from tbe elements…but a bit brutel. There can be suspensions or other punishments to get the message across…like writing 500 times I wont bully or lots of other things. This will just make her MORE ANGRY…and resent her father on top of it. Bad choice.

  5. High five to this father!
    Many of today’s children know very little about respect.
    As an educator in Frum schools, I see and hear disrespectful behavior almost daily.
    It’s up to the adults to take the reins and take charge so that our children don’t grow up like of bunch of spoiled brats.

  6. If you think this is bad parenting, you are clearly one of many clueless parents who allow their kids to get away with pretty much anything. If only more parents laid down the law. Bravo to this father.

  7. It is cruel & unusual punishment! At most she should have walked half a mile 10 – 15 blocks, that would have taught her the same lesson without torture.

  8. All of youwho are against it, how about constructive criticism? What would you do? Shoot the messager? I agree with Yitz. She deserves some punishment.

  9. Kids who bully do so because of issues they have. That said, it won’t kill her to walk. We see her father is following her by car so he’s making sure she’s safe. Maybe she’ll learn her lesson.

  10. Child should def get consequence like 1) giving bullied child one of her precious toys 2) repaying father with own $ to get a ride but walking for 5 miles which takes roughly 3 hours of walking is excessive. For those commenters who endorsed accountability I agree but child should get consequence- this was an extreme and harsh punishment

  11. With a brute for a Father, it’s no wonder why his daughter is bullying others. He rules his home with fear, a terrible damaging atmosphere. His daughter is walking nicely because if not, she will get beaten by him. What an abusive father.

  12. sicko are you serious privilege its a right you’re a sicko you should be in jail a long time she will probably go home crying for a while this isn’t chinuch this is a father with a mental issue GO TO A PHYCIATRIST


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