China: Baby Flushed Down Toilet, Saved


china-pipe[Video below.] China – A newborn baby was rescued after being found alive in a sewage pipe after apparently being flushed down the toilet, state television reported today.

The baby boy was discovered after reports of a baby crying in a residential building in Jinhua in the wealthy coastal area of Zheijang on Saturday. Police are treating the case as an attempted homicide and are searching for the boy’s parents.

Abandoned babies are all too common in China due to a number of factors, including the country’s one-child policy and poor medical care. Read more here.

Click below for video:

{ Newscenter}


  1. so undignified for a precious human life, which many childless couples would cholish to have and love and care for. why can’t they have an open baby drop-off and then adopt them out of the country to those who need and want to love a child and raise them?

  2. Not every sick story has to be reported on this Torah site, Matzav! We come here to get away from this trash, and you throw it at us in our face! Shame on your editor!

  3. The video broke my heart. On one hand you have couples spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to have a child. On the other hand you have a couple flushing their baby down the toilet like a piece of garbage. I guess I’ll never understand the human race.

  4. Are you sure it wasn’t the doings of a Moooooslim extremist or are they not allowed to call it that yet!! WinkWink

  5. is this person crazy? people spend all their money on a baby and she hates the baby she belongs in the mental home they should make her starve to death!

  6. Thank you for reporting on this Matzav. To those who disagree, if we ignore it, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Get your heads out of the sand…we need to fight the attitude around the world that says babies are a burden, with our attitude- that they’re the greatest of blessings. What happened in China is no different from the culture of abortions in Western countries…we just have a sanitized version. Though with cases like that of Kermit Gosnell, perhaps those with buried heads will begin to realize the depravity of our society.

  7. that’s the most disturbing thing i’ve ever heard. what kind of mother would do that to her child, she has no heart:(


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