Chillul Shabbos Now Legal in Tel Aviv


tel-aviv-mayor-ron-huldaiThe Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality has approved an amendment to the municipal bylaw to open grocery stores on Shabbosos and Yomim Tovim.

Yediot Achronot reports that the law grants a limited number of grocery stores and kiosks to remain open on Shabbos and chagim. The amendment will now be taken to the approval of the Interior Ministry.

Mayor Ron Huldai said: “We cannot turn this subject into a religious war.”

Chareidi council member Naftali Lumbert exclaimed: “This is a black day.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Don’t worry yidden. The real reason for the open stores on Shabbas is so that the young minds of the future rabbis can be spent on greeting cards at the stock yards. Its a total problem for a Yiddish outlook but the reality of human blessing is that Hashem expects that the condition of problematic concern in our future is not entirely a fools prediction of the maze of injustice.

  2. #2, to understand #1, you have to speak the language:

    The internal structure of autonomous selfhood is synonymous with the fundamental principle of the private.

    Furthermore, the delegitimization of synesthesia generates the figuralization of exoticism.

    See how easy it is to generate gibberish?

  3. I don’t understand, how should they know better? Do we invite them to our table for Shabbos, or do we throw rocks as they drive by.

    Can we force others to change their life style and choices, but it is wrong when others say we must change and go to the army and work for a living?!?

  4. TO #6
    Sorry but I only know that trowing rocks is done by Arabs. Unless you are one of them then I understand why you use the words “do we throw rocks as they drive by”. But then I wonder if are an arab why do you write “Do we invite them to our table for Shabbos”?


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