Chillul Hashem? Anti Zionist T-Shirt Selling On Amazon – By Jewish Vendor



  1. If you would check the facts before reporting a prospective story, you would see that the “Jewish seller” is called “Free Palestine”. This seller clearly a neturei karta propagandist. This is no bigger a chillul hashem than any other neturei Marta function.

    • this is certainly not a chilul hashem. from a plain, unbiased prospective. please explain a reason why. you wont find one because zionism has nothing to do with yiddishkeit.

    • i`ll tell you, who else would be anti zionist then yidden? why would some goyim care about the zionists? but the zionists are coming to be machriv us yidden, so i think its very klur from there it was a jewish vendor with good intentions

  2. If you read Rav Shamshon Refoel Hirsch’s teaching and letters of the Chofetz Chaim, they seem to agree, that Anti Zionist & Anti Jews is not the same

  3. do people not see the the free Palestine? you want to live under arab rule? that everyday you have to worry if the arabs will start a pogrom!

  4. Anti Zioni could mean different things and therefore is a dangerous label to be proud of.
    I know many frum people don’t like how the state was founded and how it is run.
    But That does not ussually mean that when you read the headlines you believe that Israel is an oppressive state and the enemies of Israel are the victim.
    That we don’t belong there at all and that we should be out.
    That’s why it’s dangerous to pride one self with being anti Zion.. am I wrong ?

  5. This is wonderful. I dare think that if you want a t-shirt war time you are just a t-shirt sharp dud.

    Hate zionism? Want to preserve Israel? Keep the commandments and do it to total full. Peyos, full beard and tzitzits always a covered head and some black and white simple dress as much as you want. We can really be counted for the sake of eternal worth in the eternal city. Keep the t-shirts out.

  6. Anonymous
    February 25, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    Zionists are anti Chareidi
    Of course they are! Its a 2 way street!
    Zionists hate the charedim because the charedim hate the zionists!
    Whats the chidush?

  7. i dont really see where the chilul hashem part comes in. its just no shaychus. must be a to`us sofer. but cant be becouse then whats pshat in the whole article? – i think (i hope) all frum yidden would concur with the sentiment on the t shirt.
    so limaskana of reading all this garbage i come out that matzav is bored and trying to make a controversy out of nothing.


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