Chilling Photo Of Rabbi Raziel Shevach And Itamar Ben-Gal HY”D Together At A Simcha


A heartbreaking photo circulated social media today that juxtaposed two of the most recent terrorist attacks that took place in Israel in the past two weeks.

The chilling photo depicts Rabbi Raziel Shevach hy”d, who was murdered by a terrorist a few weeks ago, together with Itamar Ben-Gal hy”d who was murdered earlier today. The two victims met at a mutual friends simcha and posed for the now tragic photo.

{ Israel Newscenter}


  1. Baruch Dayan Ha’Emes.
    There are no words that can describe the anguish of the families of these two kedoshim.

    Although not the proper time, I want to point out the Elephant in the room.

    It is NOT that hard to fathom that the Two Kedoshim [HY”D] attended an occasion together. They were both part of the Settler community.

    Being a “Settler” usually means that Knowing the additional risk involved in living and or traveling to the settlements, they choose to do so anyway for Nationalistic purposes.

    That is the Reason that the vast majority of Chareidim [of all stripes] do NOT choose to live in these settlements [even though housing is much cheaper then Regular Israeli proper].

    I am not Blaming the Kedoshim HY”D but I am just stating the obvious.

    • If you are truly Amcha you would have made the same deduction as one of the senior Gedolei Roshei Yeshiva in the USA made when asked about Gush Katif.
      The Brisker Rov asked , we know that on Yom Kippur the Kohein Gadol is only mispalel a tefilla ketzara shelo lehavis em haAm- not to scare the nation . However since the Anshei HaSharon lived in an area that was prone to disaster part of his tefilla was Al AnShei HaSharon Shelo Yehiyu Batehem Kivreihem .
      Frekt der Rov , This is what Klal Yisrael has to be busy with? why didn`t we tell the Anshei HaSharon to pickup and leave ?
      Eleh Mai , we don`t schlep people out of their homes .
      So too here my dear Amcha, you can have your feelings but they should be honed to mirror those of the Kohein Gadol on Yom Kippur not knee jerk reactions of the masses

  2. Not sure why you are sensationaling this. I think you’re giving an eyen hora ch”v. The others in the photo better watch their backs.

  3. Amchu
    Obvious is that Beitar, Ramat Eshkol, old City, & parts of Modiim, etc. are all Settlements in the eyes of UN, EU, & Arabs.

    Therefore stop going to the Kosel & Kever Rochel, Kever Yosef or travel on roads that are settlement roads on the way to Miron, Teveria, etc.

  4. TO ‘AMCHU’,when these murderers were blowing up ,buses ,pizza stores, super markets, etc.ALL over Yerushalim did you advise all Yiden to move out of yerushalim?

  5. There are “settler” Charedei communities as in Ramot, Har Shmuel, Gilo, Betar, parts of Modiim, Ramat Eshkol, old City, plus others,,, according to the UN, EU & all Arabs.

    Amchu, davening at the Kosel, Kever Rochel & many roads to Meron & Tiveria go through settler streets or roads. Shall we avoid all those “dangerous” places?

  6. when a certain rebbe blamed the parents of the three boys hyd for living where they do
    right after that someone from monroe came collecting for jews in yemen
    i asked him according to his rebbe
    why are they living there its their fault for living there
    no answer

  7. Don’t get why this picture is chilling, I think it is beautiful. As for the rest of you, the world is a dangerous place. Depending on the day, Paris and London can be more dangerous than Chevron and Tekoa. Hashem yishmor tzeischa u’voacha me’atoh v’ad olam. Saw parshas ha’akeida,with kavana in place of deciding where it is safe.

    • Chevron-Yes
      Bet El and Shilo-No.

      I challenge you to find anyone living in Chevron, who’s family has been continuously living there.


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