Chief Rabbinate: You Can Stop Praying For Rain Now


yerushalayim-snow1Now that Israel’s winter has begun in earnest, with a major storm wreaking havoc, Jews around the world should stop saying the special tefillah for rain they were asked to say two weeks ago, the Israeli Chief Rabbinate said.

This early winter was one of the driest on record, even by the parched standards of the region, and so on Wednesday, December 4, Israel’s chief rabbis asked Jews worldwide to insert an additional traditional prayer for rain into their daily supplications and to recite specific kappitlach of Tehillim.

Soon after the rabbis’ prayer request was made, meteorological data indicated that rain was headed to Israel. Since its arrival, the rabbis have asked the public to cease saying the extra prayer, and instead to insert a thanksgiving prayer for rain – a prayer that is “a little modern, from around 400 years ago,” Chief Rabbinate spokesman Ziv Maor told The Times of Israel on Thursday.

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  1. What is the Halacha of telling Hashem to stop the rain. I thought Hashem was the only one to know when the rain is to stop and when it is time to pray for rain that is what is to be done. For the prayer asks for a good rain and you don’t know if this is going to be the only percipitaion or not you will have he rest of the year, so I would leave it to Hashem and keep on asking for a good rain.

  2. The prayer for rain only shows Hashem you care about your future. It does not necessarily get the world to turn on its sprinklers. And Hashem decides our fate.


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