Chief Rabbi Condemns Tzefas Get


Israeli Chief Rabbi Rav Yitzchak Yosef attacked a get delivered last year by a Tzefas beis din on behalf of a comatose husband.

“She has already remarried,” he said. “If she has children, there is no doubt that they will be mamzeirim! She is a married woman according to all opinions.”

Rav Yosef added that he had told the av beis din involved in advance, “I order you not to do this,” and was disobeyed.

Rav Yosef argued that the husband was not totally unresponsive. When a daughter was placed near him, there was a measurable reaction and he shed tears.

In March, the High Court blocked Rav Yosef from setting up a beis din to investigate the Tzefas ruling.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. In Israel there is a clear distinction between the government controlled Rabbanut/Rav mitaam and those who are the real dayonim and rabbonim. Unfortunately, in America it has recently become all one and the same.

    Can we then wonder how those who don’t even believe in the Torah now call themselves “mainstream modern Orthodox”? Only in America can they do that!

    • to trustworthy pilla:
      dont blame oivrey torah on anybody but the avrein. in shomayim you cant play the blame game but your self

    • Jews need Torah. Even modern orthodox can do much better.

      It is a future to see how our values work. Even a shaved yid is often faced by his own malarky. He does not accept the commandment strong to never shave his beard.

      The Modern Orthodox are just cosmopolitan experiences. The world is not the future just the coin and action of wit. We need more Torah paced cultures and modern orthodox is just acceptable by its mechitza.

      More Torah needs are constant. Target kiruv.

    • To Ber:
      I shudder to think of how those who blurred the lines in America are now perceived in Shomayim……

  2. Who are these secular Gdless anti-Torah self-proclaimed high court judges who think they have the right to meddle into religious affairs? They need to be told to stop sticking their nose into things that don’t pertain to them.


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