Chief Palestinian Negotiator: We Were In Israel Before The Jews


saeb-erekatThe Palestinians cannot accept Israel as the Jewish state because they lived in the region long before the Jews, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said over the weekend.

Speaking with Justice Minister Tzipi Livni at the Munich Security Conference, Erekat rejected the Israeli request that the Palestinians recognize it as the Jewish homeland.

“When you say, ‘Accept Israel as a Jewish state,’ you are asking me to change my narrative,” he said.

Erekat justified his claim by saying his ancestors were the real descendants of the Canaanities and lived in the area for “5,500 years before Joshua Bin-Nun came and burned my hometown, Jericho.”


{ Israel}


  1. what a joy to confer about peace with such a fool. it’s been their idea of diplomatic offensive for so long, they kind of believe it. When his Rebbe speaks about Bani-Izrail and their land, does he think it’s Golder’s Green or Beverly Hills?

  2. If his “narrative” is true, then it’s forbidden to negotiate over the land of Israel with Canaanite peoples according to clear Torah law. If his narrative is not true, then who are these Palestinians anyway, if not squatters and occupiers on ancient land of Israel? How can they possibly be newly legally entitled to Jericho or anywhere else in Israel?

  3. The Arabs are very well accomplished in the field of LYING.

    I guess a “narrative” in Arab-speak is a euphemism for a lie. And the best way to “prove” your lie is “truth” is to substantiate your lie with another lie!


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