‘Chidon’ Learning Competition Bans Unvaccinated Children


A Crown Heights learning competition has banned unvaccinated students who were exposed to measles from participating, COLLIVE reported.

Shimmy Weinbaum, director of the Chidon learning competition currently taking place in Crown Heights, wrote a letter to parents and principals informing them of his decision.

In his letter, which was published on COLLIVE, Weinbaum wrote: “There has been a confirmed case of measles in the Crown Heights community.”

“As director of the Chidon, it is my responsibility to notify you that Tzivos Hashem cannot and will not take any responsibility for anyone who is Chas Veshalom (G-d forbid – ed.) exposed to measles or impacted in any way.

“Being that the carrier was in Oholei Torah while the children were in the building, the health department and local doctors have banned any unvaccinated Oholei Torah child from participating in the Chidon.

“With regard to all other children, it is up to each school and parent to do what’s best for their child.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. They’re so silly. They’re openly declaring to the world that one can still contract the measles even after being injected with those risky vaccinations; while those who got the actual measles are immune for life and have nothing to fear even when exposed. Then they wonder why more and more people are joining the anti-vaxxers.

    • Don’t forget, another component of the Measles vaccine is the Mumps vaccine (MMR). While you might think it makes sense to catch measles and gain lifetime immunity, some of the complications of the mumps (in men) include sterility. Go explain that one to your unvaccinated kid if ch”v that were to occur.

      • Many many more people die and are injured for life from this vaccination than those who are injured from the mumps. Check the facts from true reporting and listen to whistleblowers. Your mind will blow away.

  2. Your statement is completely false!! Unfortunately I know children who can not be vaccinated due to a compromised immune system!!! For them to Chas vshalom be exposed to the Meisels or any other illness could be life threatening!! Your comment is simple ignorance to say it nicely!!!

    • Then why aren’t you concerned about the vaccinated? The CDC admits that their is a risk of getting the disease from the MMR. It is not safe nor effective.

    • Ignorance vs. evil and selfishness
      “I know children” How many? 1, 2? And that is why every family in the world has to suffer and ch”v become autistic or die from these dangerous worthless vaccination?

      Ignorant are those who do not research the dangers and risks of vaccinations and rely on their doctor blindly. Doctors are NOT researchers. They have to follow the protocol. Period.


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