Chicago Will Be Colder Than Antarctica, Mount Everest And Siberia This Week


Chicago is expected to have one of its coldest days on record this week, with temperatures on Wednesday forecasted to reach historic lows typically seen in some of the globe’s most chilling locations.

According to a local CBS station, low temperatures are expected to reach 20 degrees below zero on Wednesday, which would reportedly be the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Windy City on Jan. 30.

Chicago is also expected to see a high of 12 below zero on Wednesday, which would also reportedly be the coldest high temperature ever recorded in the city. The temperature will place the city as one of the coldest places on the planet, on par with places like Siberia, Antarctica and Mount Everest which are forecasted to be warmer.

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  1. And the Chadorim plan on being open for school…… I understand תלמוד תורה……but this is סכנה. Noone should be going outside.
    Borderline חסיד שוטה!

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